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"Filinchen" - Crispbread new defined

Filinchen is a extra tender crispbread baked in wafer iron. It is loved by young and old and ritualized in Eastern German breakfast culture. Nowadays you can find Filinchen in many European supermarket shelfs.

Brand Sales

You would like to try this new way of bread in your market? With our export offers you can start from one pallet.

Private Label Production

To offer your customers something unique, we provide a private label production beginning from intermedian quantities.

Nutrition Trends

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Lower Carb

Our products are known to be very delight. We offer lot's of snacks and breads up to 45% carb reduced.


Future nutrition will be healthy and tasty at the same time. Our baked snacks overwhelm in both conditions.


Sustainability is getting more important to your customers. Eating with a good conscience is easy and very tasty with our vegan range.


Each customer has it's individual taste and physical characteristics, of which they get more and more arware of. We offer a large range of flavors and textures from which your customers can choose for their individual demand.


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Filinchen Crispbread

comes in 4 different variations

Filled Wafers made in Berlin

Spreewaffel Berlin

Filinchen Pixels

Extra tender crispy snacks

Spicy Spikes

with riceflour and oat flour

Filinchen Cubellis

Tender Crispy sweet snacks

Filinchen Lower Carb

45% reduced in Carbs

Neukircher Rusk

Traditional Rusk since 1900

Dr. Knusper natural protein snack

28% protein

Spreewaffel La Magie

extraordinary dark chocolate

2021 - world first pea Crispbread

Bet, you never tried a crispbread completely without any grain - Now you can with "Filinchen Pea". This absolutely gluten free Filinchen is reduced to the essential. It is free of palm oil, of soy and of any wheat, rice or corn. This allergen free bread made from pea will blow your legumes.

WHG Group introduction

Let us introduce our company by our CFO Dr. Markus Heinemann.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Since our lean production is kept highlevel flexibe we can offer you quantities starting from 10K sku. For private label production the quantities depend mainly on the packaging and your individual recipe.

  • With new offset printing materials we can start from 10.K meters foil. Your individual labeled packaging will be ready in only a few weeks.

  • We organize the transport of our goods all over the world. Usualy there is no need for special cooling or dry containers.

  • Lot's of our products can be stored more than 12 months. Please ask for an exact best before date for the unit you are interested in!

  • Our three production facilities are situated in Apolda (Thurungia), Berlin and Neukirch (near Dresden). All of our products are freshly baked for you in Germany.

  • Yes, we do stick to International Food Standard (IFS 6.1 ). Please ask for further information or certificates. Moreover we are organic and RSPO certified. We can activate more certifications e.g. fairtrade on demand.


Our team is always here to help

Markus Heinemann, ppa.

Chief Financial Officer

Birgit Reischke

Chief Sales Manager

Antje Woelfel

Key Account Manager Export

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